The buildings are utilitarian and simple, sometimes austere. Houses of hewn stone, with gray slate roofs that are called « lauzes » reresent the typical frame of the region. The windows are narrow, thick walls protect from the cold winter and keep the cool summer.

There are « tower houses » everywhere … as in the village of Carpineto (photo in the slideshow)

The villages are built on crests of mountains or in the middle of chestnut trees.

The slate also cover all utility built: bread ovens, mills, dryers for chestnuts, laundries, fountains …

Mills are used for the production of oil or flour production (mainly chestnut). Some are restored and assets such as Stoppia Nova, or Silvareccio.

Others are discreetly kept in outbuildings and still working there is little time ago, reflecting intense agricultural activity.

The ovens are circular, adjoined to the houses. Some are collective, built in the middle of villages for the benefit of all and still used during village events. Example : Piedicroce where the collective oven has been completely renovated. Essentials dryers chestnut were: small and independent buildings or the top floor of the highest built. Chimneys are also rustic and amazing.

Facades and interior of covered fountains are often small niches for religious statues to protect the house. The doors are narrow, solid wood, and sometimes carved with the initials of the family or the date of manufacture on their header.

Small stone arches are very popular for entryways, windows, passages between or under houses, covered alleys or small bridges … Finally, Castagniccia has an exceptional and unique geological material: the « Green d ‘Orezza « . Precious marble with veins that range from a stunning emerald green to amazing gray-blue. The quarry closed in recent years but this stone is everywhere, present at the edge of a road or a bend.

It remains used by sculptors and some jewelers.

Prince Giovanni de ‘Medicis decorated his mausoleum at Florence in part with this material. It was also used, among others, for jewelry of Medicis treasure…