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Woodworking, stone, metal, wool, basketry, pottery … Corsican craft was once a great diversity. This craft, which has long been endangered at the same time that the island was going to desertification, is currently underway to upgrade and found a second life with the installation and the formation of new designers of all kinds. Many means are used to recover the quality, creativity and tradition to find what corsican pastoral society manufactured in the past for own use « beautiful and useful ».

We are on the road to the appreciation of the local crafts and design and if our artisans are so rare, they have the quality, the desire to create harmony with their environment and originality.

You may find some products on the market and at craft fairs or directly from artisans and designers listed below


ARTISAN EBENISTE / Corsican furniture, chaiserie Orezza, souvenirs, church furniture, restoration of antique furniture:

ARTE e LEGNU, Pantaleon Alessandri

Exhibition gallery and workshop : NOCARIO hamlet of Pietricaggio.


Abel Raclot et Fils  Workshop : CROCE (Orezza)


PAINTING and EMBROIDERY on fabrics / decorative and useful objects :

GARANCE et KAKI, Catherine Bouret : Piova

(Present on Market of Arcarota pass, every Sunday in July and August.)

Carver / pipes and objects carved helpful :

Denis Moracchini, lieudit Poggio VALLE d’OREZZA

This was unfortunately the last artisan pipe maker of the valley Orezza, he left us and a small museum of the pipe is planned in the village.

For more information, click this link : Valle d’Orezza


CERAMIC ARTIST and creation jewelry and objects :


Altu di Chiapatella 20213 FOLELLI


Chris BURKARD, Porcelain painter

Silvareccio 20215

(Visit the workshop by appointment only)


Not far from here … WEAVING, homemade sweaters :

LANA CORSA , Workshop Ponte Leccia 20218 Pont’a golu – U Salgetu

(You can visit the knitting and weaving shop from May to October 9am. to 19pm. (free entry) and the rest of the year from 9am. to 18pm. (working days)


Jean Pierre ORSONI,

sculptor and artist-painter

(Many sculptures from hijacked tools, … among other)

FICAJA , village, 20237 website and Internet blogs online, click the name : Jean Pierre Orsoni – Sculptor.


Jean Claude ROGLIANO, writer

Among the works of Jean-Claude Rogliano, two novels of the Castagniccia take us to the heart of this region where the trees are more than trees and where men sometimes have unusual life.
Mal’Concilio: This is the name of a chestnut ageless, soul hunters lair and fantastical creatures escaped from a collective imagination.
« If the King of Corsica was told to me » : is the story of an adventurer who, after offering Corsican insurgents fighting against Genoa the arms shipment from the galley which had brought him, was crowned King at the convent of Alisgiani.

 Website :


Catherine GEYSCHLÄGER, Artist-Painter, Engraver, Author

Workshop in Corsica : VERDESE 20229

Exposition permanente à Verdese – Casa Orezzinca


Michelle LEROUX-FONTANA, Artist-Painter

Self-taught artist, you can find his paintings at Scata, they are furnished exhibition in its accomodations…


Petru VACHET-NATALI, Poet, writer, columnist, Toponymist

Hailing from Ficaghja, born September 21, 1947 – Songwriter (Ciosi, I Muvrini, A Filetta, JC Soletti.) – Contributing Kyrn and A Nazione several years – Co-author of « A rima rima » Scola edition 1985 Corsa -Author of :

« Mi rallegru » edition Benelli, Paris 1986 – « Sfiacculate » edition Sylphidia, Bastia 1989 – « Fulletti » edition Sylphidia, Bastia 2005 – « Monografia è Tupunumia di Ficaghja » edition Canioni, Bastia 2007(Jury Prize of  » Corsican Book « ) – « E Crunichette di a Nazione »(small pamphlets between friends) sharp and humorous chronic with French translation by author, edition Canioni 2011


Ursula PETERS, Artist-Painter

painting exhibition in Castagniccia : Pied’Alesani, locality Quarcetto, Villa Marie-Louise (top of the village of Valle d’Alesani)
Appointment and all weekends from May to October
(Workshop : Feliceto in Balagne)


Antoine PERIGOT, Photographer and Editor

Books published: « Corsica Muntagna », « interior travel in Burkina Faso », and his latest art book dedicated to architectural heritage in Corsica « Opera Umana » where you can find many beautiful pictures of Castagniccia.

Editions Micca Nomi – 4 avenue Piccioni – 20220 Ile Rousse /


Jean-Louis DELOR, Artist-Painter

Born in 1945, permanent resident : Ficaghja. After his studies in Fine Arts in Montpellier, he moved to Ajaccio in the year of 1980, where he held his first exhibition in 1982. Since then he has exhibited regularly in Barcelona, Arles, Lausanne, New York, Paris.


Petru MARI, Author, columnist, journalist

Creator of RCFM of « A ghjustra Paisana », « Kantara », « Mediterradio », « Masai » – Author :

– « A China Corsa » in collaboration with RCFM 1985 – « Scritti d’Altro » (adapted texts in Corsican language W. Allen, I Calvino et J. Steinbeck, edition Scola Corsa 1986 – « Diodoru di Sicilia » (E Stonde d’un osservatore ») edition A Messagera (Università Pasquale Paoli) Stamperia Sammarcelli – « Masai » Chronic collection related on RCFM with 2 CD included , edition Albiana 2009.