Fauna and flora

If you are looking for the place where you have heard that half-wild little pigs roam free roadside: it is! because they love chestnuts among others.

Moreover, really all pets are free. Pigs, goats, cows, horses … it is common to cross along the way, so it is better to drive slowly. Sometimes they are harnessed and actively participate in domestic life. For example in the village of Monaccia Orezza where we « made wood » yet at this time with mules. At nightfall preferably or at sunrise you will see a wild boar crossing the road in front of you or a fox or a specimen of rodent : ferret, dormouse, weasel … unless it is a hedgehog or a tortoise … The unusual encounters are not limited then bring you a camera and stay alert.

Do nott worry, we don’t have poisonous snakes, not even vipers, just a few snakes basking in the sun and it is difficult to see as they are fearful.

With small rodents, lizards and insects constitute the majority of species living in Castagniccia, which makes the happiness of birds. It is also the territory of raptors, small and medium-sized falcons, buzzards, owls, kites … as well as many familiar birds: woodpecker, jays, tits, swallows, blackbirds, robins, thrushes … list them all would take too long. The density of birds species in places gives us an impression of sound rainforest.

When the flora we’re not here to make you botany course. Everyone knows that Corsica is a huge nature reserve with a multitude of endemic species, flowers, plants, trees, birds … which exist nowhere else in the world. The largest research center on citrus lists and treats more than 3000 varieties of citrus is not far away.

Just know that you can find wild flowers in profusion according to the season: wild cyclamens, primroses, daisies, crocuses, hellebores … or asphodels which is said that everything is good and edible of the seed to the flower through the roots, stem, leaves. During famines she filled many bellies and saved many lives.

Unfortunately, we no longer know the culture of plants was exceptionally rich in the past. However, you can find some on guest tables, to as « La diligence » to Verdese where you can find food became scarce as the « nettle soup » which talk about this not so distant past .

You’ll also find berries (but beware: like mushrooms they are not always edible). Sometimes on the other hand the most impressive names like « trumpets of death » for example, make the most delicious dishes.

On trees, Castagniccia has a legendary giant chesnut : »Mal’Conciliu. » It is located in the town of Carcheto-Brustico.Virtually it no longer touch ground side of the slope and it may creep through what was its roots into its hollow trunk. Three or four people can sit inside to shelter looks . If you like thrills, read « The Shepherd of Dead – Mal Conciliu » created by Jean Claude Rogliano, the writer of Carcheto.