Castagniccia is a mountainous region including three valleys:

– Ampugnani Valley
– Orezza Valley
– Alesani Valley

It consists of 38 villages and many hamlets.

It extends over an area of 15161 hectares mainly covered with forests of chestnut trees. You will find two main rivers: the Fium’Alto and Alesani and multiple tributaries.

You can access by:

• the national road 198 at FOLELLI
• the national road 193 at PONTE LECCIA
• the national road 198 at Prunete / CERVIONE
• through the Casinca Valley at pass St Antoine or pass San Agostino.
• secondarily by the national road 198 at Alistro near Alesani Barrage.
• from Corte, up by Sermano, San Quilico and Castineta to reach the pass of Prato.

(These last two are the longest and most difficult by the mountain).

Be careful : You’ll find gasoline only at Ponte Leccia or Folelli.

Landing points nearest Castagniccia are : the port of Bastia, about 30 minutes by car and the airport of Bastia( about 15 minutes).Although a mountainous region, the sea is very near and it can be seen between the mountains since some roads and villages.