Seasons and climate

One of the few areas of the island where a nature of four seasons remains. With plenty of water, forests and unspoilt nature, you can enjoy flowers spring, green summers, flamboyant autumns and winters sometimes very white but not very cold … In short, a sort of perfect weather at any time of the year.

Spring is mild, sunny with a few rain showers that allow nature to express itself fully.
The flowers areoften wild, sometimes lovingly maintened. Purple-gray colors of winter pass in a multitude of vibrant colors: mauve, pink, white, yellow … forests are dotted with wild cherry, hazelnut, walnut, fig … If you love flowers we suggest the softness of April and May to mid-June when it is green and heat which then take over.


Due to the altitude of this region the temperature is an average of 3 to 5 degrees below the temperature recorded on the coast.
The nights are cooler and mild …
Forests are dense and thick darkness is constant for enjoyable hikes and picnics . Some places are also equipped « for » : as Teghja area at the entrance of the village of Giocatoghjo, or the D506 in front of the ferruginous spring that descends from the Orezza, or behind the church Piazzole. At other times it is accommodations which provide spaces « meal natures, » as country cottages Carcheto-Brustico ..
Regarding the trees, for the majority, they are very deciduous provided and chestnut is the most present. It blooms in early summer and began to make his bugs in anticipation of the harvest in October. Thus it marks the transition to automn that have the sweetness of an Indian summer in our region.Also a treasure: a pure chestnut honey that is harvested in July.
The vine is very green and clusters are formed. We also find blackberries here and there …

It is warm and sunny and the peaks are covered with clouds in the afternoon, it is not uncommon it rains at night to give us early morning of light. This is the time of photo enthusiasts and pickups of all kinds.
The most spectacular is the champignons picking. They abound in diversity: ceps, chanterelles, parasol mushroom ..
But we have also arbutus …
And of course, this is the heyday of chestnuts. Open bugs and big bulging chestnuts appear. Need to look far, chestnut trees line the roads everywhere even in areas not exploited.
First chesnuts are boiled in water with raw fennel. The following will be roasted on the embers of the fire in a frying pan with a flat bottom hole or at a makeshift camp fire at random for the ride. This is also the time of nuts,figs

Some recent winters were very white. There was not long ago it was a very tough season for residents of the three valleys. Also, if looking up, you see on old buildings windows that are more like doors, is that there are two generations ago the snow amounted to 2 meters and residents returning home by the first stage during the colder months. In these moments the most valuable asset for the village is a snowplow.
This is the time when we appreciate the figatellu grilled in the fireplace, sheep cheese with fig jam and all the chestnut pastries ..
In moments of mild winter when snow does not fall and fortunately it is most of the time, we still picking olives and citrus of course.
But our most importantly hobby, it is obviously to prepare the spring …