Springs and rivers

Rivers, streams, waterfalls, springs, fountains, lavoirs … you will find water everywhere, whatever the season, maintaining fragrant and luxurious vegetation and providing softness and shade for visitors lovers of calm and freshness.

You can swim in rivers, water holes, real natural pools for adults and children, there are many … Rocks and trees allow a smooth tan.

The largest waterfall is accessible in the village of Carcheto-Brustico in Orezza Valley.

Not far away you will also find a swimming pool in the middle of nature in the small village of Piedipartino …

The most numerous and best maintained « lavoirs » are certainly around the village of San Gavino Ampugnani, although there is everywhere.

Fountains occupy every village and hamlet and sources flowing profusely random road or hiking in the woods.

Of course we can not fail to mention the sources ferruginous, so loaded with bicarbonate of iron that water runs orange. The most famous is the « source of Orezza » our local carbonated mineral water. You can order it in all places selling drinks and food.

Some of these sources have a history, the elderly gave a therapeutic virtue own to each of them. Some seem to treat diseases of the kidneys for others it is anemia, liver disease or stomach for still another….